I’m Trying to Buy a Cow…

I get the best ideas from Oprah.  Several years ago, I found out about an organization called Donor Choose at www.donorchoose.com.  Teachers would write about what they would like for their classrooms, and contributors can choose what projects they want to fund.  In exchange, the contributor receives photographs of the children using what you help fund and thank you letters written by the children.  Oprah wants to know how her money is being used, and I’m always curious about that… even though I’m sure we donate different amounts of money! 

The other evening, I was watching Oprah, and her show featured www.kiva.org.  On this site, people from other countries ask for money to be lent to them for various reasons, like buying supplies to make jewelry or handbags, upgrading machinery, etc.  Contributors lend them money, and when they make enough money, they repay it.  Then the contributor can decided if the money will be lent out again or not.  Of course the business person has a sponsor organization who checks them out.  In addition, people volunteer to go to different countries to check on the businesses, help them write a blog online, and provide business knowledge as well.

And that’s how come we are trying to buy a cow in Azerbaijan.  Mr. Tahir Aliyev is a farmer with four cows and would like to add another one.  If someone else would like to have a small ownership of a cow in Azerbaijan, go to www.kiva.org.  If he is still looking for financing, you can donate $25 to his cause.  Because of the overwhelming response from Oprah’s show, they hardly have anyone left seeking funding, but every so often, one will pop up.  Have fun!


The Tailbone is Very Important

I know… you’re all afraid of TMI, too much information, but don’t worry.  It’s pretty harmless.  As some of you may know, I have a massage therapist come to the house every so often.  I need the deep tissue massage because of back and arm pain issues.  Last Tuesday, as I was getting ready, I had to go downstairs to look for something.  I wasn’t paying attention and was in a hurry, so I took one step, slipped and went bouncing on my tailbone down the stairs.    Well, luckily after I stopped screaming, I got my massage and felt somewhat better.

I saw the chiropractor a couple of days ago, and he took x-rays.  The good news is that nothing was fractured, but internally, it’s bruised.  It hurts when I get out of the car, when I carry heavy items, when I move things around, and lots of other times whether I put actual pressure on it or not!  That’s pretty amazing and a learning experience.  We do take our body parts for granted, and every part has a job.  When something isn’t quite right, it affects us dramatically.

So the takeaway?  Make sure you hold the bannister and get yourself grounded before walking down the stairs.  Kids may enjoy sliding down the stairs and possibly even adults BUT without that initial drop onto the stairs with subsequent bumps downward!