If I Die Soon, I’m Going to Be Mad!

I know… it’s Christmas time, time for happy blogs, not serious vents, but that’s the thing about having a blog… I could talk about whatever I want to!  I’ll keep this short… I think I just need to vent, and then I’ll be okay!

In reflection of the past month, I realized that I’ve spent some of my waking hours doing some yucky stuff!  I needed to declutter, and I had paperwork from 2001 to present that I needed to file.  Instead of filing, I decided to shred most of it.  If I knew where to go, I would have just gathered all the paperwork and dumped it at some professional shredder place, but instead, I took out my home shredder (maximum 5 pages at a time) and shredded all the bills, financial info, and other confidential material.  Between reviewing, shredding, bagging, carrying it out the to trash can, etc., I think I spend at least 10 hours on this project!  I filled out my own recycle bin three times, and my neighbor’s once (I had put out some large unwanted items, and he asked for them.  When I brought them over to him, I asked if I could put my paper trash in his bin!).  These bins were large three feet tall bins the size of garbage cans, not the small rectangular ones similar to milk bins.  Everytime I felt myself breathing in the paper dust, I was thinking about the possibility of getting lung cancer (studies have been done)!

In the past week, I have almost single-handedly wrapped all the presents for whomever we bought presents.  That’s NOT a good thing, if you can read between the lines.  I probably shopped for more than 10 hours and spent about 4 hours wrapping.  Sort of sucked the Christmas spirit out of me.

And that’s why if God takes me tonight (or soon), I’m going to be mad.  I don’t want my last days on earth to be spent doing these task oriented things… although that beats the time I had to clean out our rental unit for several days and unload the tenant’s junk at the dump.  That ranked as one of the most depressing few days of this year… but that’s worthy of another thread!

Merry Christmas, everyone.  Really… I’ll post a happier blog next time.