Drowning Out the Urban Sounds

Our family spent December 28th through January 8th in Kingston, Jamaica, and Miami, Florida.  My next several blogs in January will cover our discoveries during this trip, hopefully capturing the sights, sounds, and flavors of our experience.


Imagine if every night you had to sleep among loud music, neighborhood dogs barking, and neighbors speaking and laughing loudly, while you worried about waking up refreshed and getting to work on time.  How stressful would your life be?  Or would you eventually accept your situation and adjust? 

When we were in Kingston, we went to sleep every night around 1:00 a.m.  When I don’t sleep in my own bed, it takes me a while to adjust to my new environment, so I wake up several times a night.  Each time I woke up, I would use the toilet and listen to the sounds of the night (the window was kept open in the bathroom) and heard the dogs taking turns barking and howling.  In between, sometimes I would hear music or car alarms go off.  There was never a moment of silence, something we take for granted “back home.”  Every night while going through my before-bedtime-routine of brushing my teeth and removing my contact lenses in the bathroom, I would hear loud music playing, people talking and laughing, and the dogs barking.  The noises didn’t seem to come from the nearby neighborhood but possibly miles away.

Even with all the different noises, we all slept soundly and was refreshed in the morning because we had the beautiful humming sounds of the air conditioner drowning out the outside noises.  Despite whatever was going on outside, we were in the comforts of a beautiful large home “up in the hills” behind secure metal bars that covered windows and doors and resting peacefully in an air-conditioned room… but that’s not the case for many who live next door to the people who are partying loudly in the middle of the night or who don’t train their animals to keep quiet.


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  1. sez_who_sez_you
    Jan 11, 2008 @ 16:53:00

    I think eventually people do get used to their surroundings. I remember my dad’s parents lived across the street from the airport. Us grandkids would be awed at the sights and sounds of huge jets overhead, and the noises they made. I remember asking my grandma about it, how can she sleep with such noises, and she said that you get used to it, and you do. And she was right. We once lived across the street from a train depot, and now, we live in the city, where there are noises everywhere… and it doesn’t bother us.
    But I enjoyed your blog. It is always fascinating to learn about other places! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures! Hugs, Tracy


  2. cz_scrap
    Jan 13, 2008 @ 07:33:00

    When we first moved here, it was mostly farm land-there is still quite a bit, but there are a lot of developments now.Dh and I loved the crickets, owls, tree frogs, etc. noises we heard. Our kids refused to sleep with their windows open because it was so loud-lol! You post(which I enjoyed very much) reminded me of the town I grew up in.It was very small, but densely packed like a city. We were on the the main road and I would here the traffic all night long.There was a traffic light at the end of our block and I would usually hear the screech of brakes followed by the enivitable sound of bumpers crunching and glass breaking. I sort of got used to it though.
    When we go on vacation, we are blessed to be able to stay in beautiful resorts, but I am also aware of the differences between staying there and life for the local people-very different.


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