A Casual Day in Miami

 Sunday, 1/6/08

We spent the entire day at the Miami Zoo, from 11:30 to 4:00.  Of course it’s been a while since I’ve gone to a zoo, but I remember this outing as one of my favorite zoo experiences.  It seemed like the animals didn’t look as caged… most were in moat-like surroundings where they couldn’t get out and we felt safe, but they weren’t behind barbed wires either.  We started off by wandering around the left side of the zoo for about 45 minutes before running through “Asia” to catch our assigned tram ride, which was included in our GO card admission.  It’s a 30-minute tram ride that gives you a tour of the breeding center, the animals that were taken away from the general zoo population to mate, the vet clinic for smaller ill or injured animals, and the incinerator where animals are cremated after they died.  Our guide gave us history on some of the animals we were going to see in the zoo as well, so it was a nice behind-the-scenes tour.

After the tram ride, we ate at the Oasis Gril and then took the Monorail to visit “Africa” and lastly took the Monorail back to the front before leaving.  I remembered that there was a lot of walking around, a need for lemon freeze because it was getting really hot, and being very tired at the end.


We had several Cuban meals, so we wanted to see if we could find some good authentic Chinese food for dinner.  There is an area around NW 167th that has sort of a spreadout version of Chinatown.  We drove by several restaurants that we thought were more of the high-end style and finally ended up at King Palace Chinese Bar-B-Q Restaurant, my type of favorite Chinese restaurant where it’s not “that” expensive and features BBQ foods like pork and roast duck.  We got a combination BBQ platter that came to $16.95… quite expensive in San Francisco, but not bad for desperate Chinese food in Miami.  Along with the platter, we also to the Eight Precious Tofu Clay Pot, another one of my favorites.


Afterwards, we decided to drive further down the road to buy some items at the KMART in North Miami.  EVERYONE spoke Spanish; it truly felt like we were in a different country!  Many of the employees didn’t speak English, but we were still able to get some help.  This was probably our least busy day, but we were tired… and it was time to return to the hotel.  Tomorrow would be our last full day in Miami.


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  1. Shutterbugd
    Aug 03, 2008 @ 16:02:00

    very nice pics!!  makes me hungry!  🙂   what a great trip you had… :)RYC:.. yep.. that is why I don’t blog very often.. what shall I say?!  hahaha


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