Last Day in Miami Or Why American Airlines is the “Do Everything Yourself” Airline

1/8/08 Miami

We packed, went to La Carretta for our last meal in Miami of Cuban sandwiches, returned our car, and headed off to the airport.  This is the adventure of the day…

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about my American Airline experience.  In a way, after the fact, it was kind of humorous.  While in Miami, I saw an interview on TV with the CEO of AA talking about how they are the only airline that didn’t have to file for bankruptcy.  He talked about how management worked with the union to ensure that money was saved and work was efficiently done, but I know why they are still in business!  It’s because the customers do all the work!

Last night, I had already gone online to print out our boarding passes.  When we got to the airport, we were met with long lines that we had to get into, along with our suitcases and carryons.  I thought the printing of the boarding pass bypassed that process, but we were waiting for our turn on the computers.  What I did the night before was input part of the information.  Now I was entering more.  After I entered the data, we waited for an agent to do the next step.  I don’t know what it was because the person directed us to another line to the left.  We dragged our suitcases over to the line, tagged our bags, lifted our heavy luggage, and placed them onto the belt that took our suitcases to the baggage area!  We did that!  They didn’t do that!  Then we walked our sweaty selves to the gate! 

It’s no wonder they are charging $15 more for heavier luggage (the luggage already weighs about half that much!), $25 for the second bag (which used to be free!), and  most recently, $50 for frequent flyer upgrades.  By having the customers do all the work and piling on the extra charges, of course they can afford to say in business!

Oh back to the vacation… first, thank you for continuing to read my blog.  I know my vacation has gone on and on… and on.  A 12-day vacation took me almost eight months to finish writing!  All in all, I had a wonderful time.  We visited a new country,  we tried new foods and experiences, we met some great people, and got to touch an alligator!  Maybe our next trip will be longer and the blogs shorter…


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  1. cz_scrap
    Aug 19, 2008 @ 06:46:00

    Our trip to Hawaii last summer on American was one disaster after another-dh and I were talking about how our first trip to Hawaii (on our honeymoon in ’84)was soooooo different from the last one. I think American is one of the worst airlines to fly-but they kind of have you if you-they seem to have the flights we need or want.I was laughing to myself yesterday as I opened up the dmarie scrappin blogs-I was thinking I really needed to get back to blogging about the rest of our vacation in florida in June-you’ve made me feel much better about taking so long-lol! I’ve really enjoyed reading about your trip!


  2. munchies333
    Aug 23, 2008 @ 03:06:00

    Hiiii!  I’m baaaack! :)My, oh my!  If that were me, J, and Cameron, you know the only sweaty one would’ve been J, lol…


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