My Example of Baby Steps

Let me tell you about a certain “exercise” routine I’ve been doing since October 2004.  Several days after I walked my marathon (y’all knew that, right, because I’m still talking about it as if I just finished it!), I started a new job in which I had to take the subway to work.  For me, riding the subway is rote; I do the same thing every day.  On the way home, I stand at the same spot to enter the train, which means I get off at the same spot when I’m at my destination.  Because the stairs to the street level is right there and because the escalator is about eight train-lengths away, I walk up the stairs every evening, all 60 steps.  Even when I was at my best shape after the marathon, my legs would feel fatigued towards the last several steps, and it was a reminder that I was still out of shape.  I did this every day until I started working at home two and a half years later, but at least I could go to the gym then.  Six months later, I switch employers.  Although I was still taking the subway, this time when I’d go home, I got on the train that, when I got to my destination, I could walk out and get on the escalators!  Yay!  Or so I thought…

I took the escalators for the next 8 1/2 months and never made it to the gym either.  In early December 2008, I went back to my former employer, the one where I’d take the subway and had to walk the 60 steps.  NOW I know what it was like to be out of shape!!!  By the time I got to step 45, my legs were burning, and I was slowing down.  By the time, I got up to the top of the stairs, my heart was beating VERY fast, and I could barely catch my breath!  I had to step aside to wait for my heart rate to go down to a somewhat normal level before I would dare to leave the gates of the subway station and proceed to the parking lot.  I’ve always taken the elevators at the parking lot to the third floor where my car is.  After getting off the elevator, I still had to walk equivalent of a city block before I’d get to my car, and there were some days I could barely do that! 

It’s now been two months, and I noticed about a week ago that I could make it up ALL the stairs with only a little bit of leg fatigue, my heart rate was pretty normal, and my breathing wasn’t as labored.  I guess there has been some fitness improvement in the past two months… but SO much more work to do!


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  1. Nanny_TX
    Feb 03, 2009 @ 18:36:00

    Wow, Rose, that is something to think about.  The small things we do on a daily basis that helps us keep in shape.  I’m glad that you are getting able to make all the  60 steps and I will pray that you will be able to  start back to the gym. When you are doing this, just think you are helping yourself physically and emotionally, because it does help the mind think while you are exercising.  I would love to be able to walk around the yard.  The last two days have been so beautiful outside.  I wish I had  a sunroom to bask in the sunlight.  God bless you for being such a supportive friend.  I treasure your friendship….Nanny


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