Pre-Planning of the Trip

Prior to the event, we had homework.  For example, Barb made a “Flat Stanley” named Dee Dee and sent it to everyone who wanted to participate.  The person with Dee Dee would bring Dee Dee as we go on our daily lives and take photos with her.  Afterwards, Dee Dee would be sent off to the next person on the list.  With our photos of Dee Dee, we’d make two 8×8 scrapbook pages that would go into a special album that would get raffled off during the event.  Our family brought Dee Dee to Fort Mason and took photos of us and Dee Dee with Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge in the background (that’s two different photos, by the way), and we went to Chinatown for dim sum and took photos on Grant Avenue.  Here’s a photo of Caitlin and I in front of… Dee Dee Boutique!  What a co-inki-dink!

Dee Dee Daze Visit-09

Another project was to make name tags that we’d wear, and I would give out a prize to the one voted “best” or “most creative.”  We also were tasked to make a scrapbooking t-shirt (or two) to be worn on the other days, while Beth designed the official dmarie t-shirt for us to purchase.  Cathy asked us to bring a photo of ourselves as a baby or young child, and whoever could guess the most would win a prize.  Bringing the only photo of an Asian baby, I ensured that everyone got at least two correct, me and themselves!  Barb’s other game was for us to take a photo of our scrapbooking desk, and whoever could match the most owners to the desk would win a prize.  I might have missed another game, so someone let me know, and I’ll include it.

14 women signed up to attend the scrapbook retreat which was from Sunday morning through Wednesday morning, June 7th through June 10th.  McPherson is about 1 hour north of Wichita.  When I first tried to book my airplane tickets, I found out it would cost me $400 more to arrive on Sunday than Saturday, so I figure if I arrived in Wichita one day early and spent less than $400, I’m ahead!  I can’t remember exactly what happened that led to this, but Barbi, who lives in southern CA, and I figured out that we could fly from our respective airports to Denver, meet up on the same flight from Denver to Wichita, rent a car, and stay in a hotel together Saturday night!  We also found out that we could take the same flight from Wichita to Denver together before flying back home by ourselves.  We were so quick with our airline ticket booking that we were able to book seats together on both flights!

Soon after posting our potential fun adventures on how the two of us were going to paint the town, it turned out that 7 other ladies were going to drive from Denver and arrive in Wichita Saturday afternoon as well.  Of course, we had to figure out what we were going to do for our 24 hours in Wichita.  After some research, we decided to stay at the Wichita Marriott, have a buffet barbeque dinner and watch a theatre act at the same time at the Mosley Street Melodrama, have breakfast at Jimmie’s Diner, and attend a quilt show at Botanica, the Wichita Garden before driving up to

Those were the plans, and technically,that’s what we did, but I’ll be telling you what really happened…  Oh wait!  Disclaimer:  these next several blogs are hilarious to those who were there and may not be that funny to those who weren’t, so it may truly be one of those “you had to be there” events, but I appreciate the fact that you’re reading.  Anyway moving on…

Friday, June 5th

Late Friday night, I went online to “check in” to my airline; that would be United Airlines.  However, it wasn’t that simple.  First, it asked if I wanted to pay $15 more for extra 5″ of leg room.  I declined.  Then it asked if I wanted to pay more to preboard.  I declined.  Next it asked if I wanted to pay more to accelerate how my miles were awarded.  Again I declined.  The scary thing was that it auto-populated to opt in for the different services, so I’m sure many unsuspecting passengers ended up paying for the extra services because in the end, the total came out pretty much the same as the ticket price, so if you’re not careful, you may think that you’re just scrolling through each screen.  After declining all those extras, it was time to pay for the baggage.  The first bag was $15 as long as it was less than 50 lbs.  Bags over 50 lbs. were charged $100!  The second bag was $25, again with the same weight limits.  I paid for 1 bag, printed my tickets, and went back to packing.

Next post:  One Day in Wichita


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  1. cz_scrap
    Sep 25, 2009 @ 06:19:00

    Can’t wait to “hear”about your antics on Sat. night again-just smiling thinking of all of you there.


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