Day 2, Wichita

Day 2, Wichita, Sunday, June 7

In the morning, we convened in the hotel lobby, so we could have breakfast together at Jimmie’s Diner.  I called the restaurant ahead of time, gave my sad story of how we were a group of women who are meeting together for the first time and were hoping they would have a table for us when we arrived because we had to go somewhere afterwards.  The young man who answered said he’d have a table ready… which is what happened when we arrived (yes, I had doubts).  I’m sure people stared as this large group of women walked through the restaurant, looking out of place.  The diner seemed like a place where regulars came together often.  The woman in the table next to us was either annoyed at our chatter and laughter or was wondering what we were about.  I ordered chicken fried steak, and I remember it being a very large meal… portions in KS restaurants are quite large!  The diner has the 50’s decor, and female servers are dressed in poodle skirts.  All the employees had name tags of their made up name. 

P6070110 After breakfast, we headed to Botanica, the Wichita Gardens, for a visit.  Normally, the Gardens are open from 1:00 – 5:00, which meant we could only visit for a short time before leaving for Maple Memories, but this particular morning was special… not because we were visiting, although that was special, but because out of all the random Sunday mornings there are, they happened to have a quilt show this morning.  Because of the quilt show, they opened several hours earlier.  We walked around, took some photos, and saw beautiful flowers and garden displays.  I was very impressed with the quilts that were displayed.  Next to Lois and I hung a quilt of jars filled with a variety of candies, from candied corn to Tootsie Rolls.  As we were walking, I could feel that the weather was getting significantly warmer.  I walked by an elderly couple who were selling refreshments in the garden.  Cookies were 50 cents for two in a Zip-Loc bag, and a large cup of lemonade was $1.00.  I bought 4 cookies and a lemonade.  The lemonade helped cool me down, but eventually, I made my way back inside which helped dramatically.  I bought tattoos for Caitlin from the gift shop and soon we were on our way… sort of…

First we had to stock up on groceries because we had each signed up to cook at least one P6070117meal.  I signed up to make lunch with Lisa.  We all ended up in Sam’s Club, and it was my first time there.   I called Lisa, who had just arrived in Kansas from Las Vegas with her daughter, Chrissy, to coordinate our purchases.  I bought cheese and ham, along with some other stuff that I can no longer remember.  In the meantime, here’s what I caught Barbi and Beth doing in the middle of the store!  Well, this is either the “before” or “after” pose, but the “during” photo was… TOO BLURRY TO POST!  :-0  Let’s just say they had a lot of fun!  Finally, we were on our way to McPherson.

We were so excited when we arrived.  Lori’s young son greeted us and helped bring our luggage in (whew!) while we unloaded the cars now filled with both our luggage and groceries into the house and got acquainted with the ladies who had already arrived to the house.  We also had to figure out who was sleeping in which bedroom and bed along with where we would be scrapping at.  I was quite overwhelmed during that first hour.  There were three sets of four scrappers and one set of twos… Annette and I were the twos.  We were situated in the foyer away from the others, so we had quite a lot of “private” jokes.  Once we figured out where all the stuff went, we unpacked our scrapbooking stuff and started working.  On each table, there were Ott lights, so Annette went under to plug them, and here’s how I found her!P6070121 P6070121

Once we got settled down, we scrapbooked… well, not quite.  We got onto Skype and talked to Luann, daughter of Lisa and sister of Chrissy, who couldn’t make it; at some point, we also talked to Julie and her daughter, and Gloria in TX, who really wanted to attend but couldn’t.  We also visited with each other and took photos as well.  However, since I’m task-oriented, eventually, I did settle down and started scrapbooking.  We had several contest going at the same time, but one was Page Count.  Who could do the most pages?  All I can say is that I did the first page, and I didn’t win the contest… but more on that later.  P6060106 P6070122 P6070122 P6070122 P6070122 P6070122 P6070122

For the rest of the evening, we basically scrapbooked, socialized, and ate.  From what I can remember, I ended up going to bed about 3:30 in the morning, but it was time to sleep because the next day was going to be a field trip… oh boy!  And let me emphasize BOY!

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