Day 3, Wichita

 Day 3, Wichita, June 8, 2009

We drove to Wichita to visit scrapbook store and eat lunch.  On our way there, we got a special treat!  We drove next to a Hobby Lobby delivery truck and waved at the driver!  This was just for us, you know, because we’re scrapbookers, and Hobby Lobby is a crafts store with lots of scrapbooking merchandise in it!


Poor driver!  I wonder whether that happens to him a lot!  What are the chances that a large blue van full of crazy scrapbookers would drive by and wave at him?!

We went to lunch at Red Robin in Wichita.  As we entered, we encountered a photo machine.  While half the ladies got into the booth, Barbi put $5 in the machine, but it came back out, so I put the money in the machine to pay for the photos.  Suddenly, quarters came rushing out of the machine, as I looked at it in embarassment.  At the same time, the other ladies are laughing out of control, while the restaurant manager comes rushing over.  By this time everyone in the front of the restaurant is looking at a group of women laughing loudly out of control, all wearing the same t-shirts!

P6080149 P6080148

He kindly tells me that “you’re not the first person this happened to… but you are the first one today!”  He gives me $5 in exchange for the quarters back, as we put $4 into the correct money slot, and the women got their photos taken.  I don’t even know if I looked at the photos, but I won’t forget this event ever!

Then we get seated, and the cutest young man, Sam, shows up and introduces himself.  Someone, who shall remain anonymous, looks at him and says, “Come sit on my lap!” and poor Sam found himself on top of her! 


After taking our orders, he disappears for a while.  We asked about him, a little bit wondering if we scared him off, but both his co-worker and his manager told us he was fine and that we could continue on.  Gotta love those you work with!  Let’s just say we left him a very nice tip!

We visited a scrapbook store, Scrapfunattic , and bought a lot of goodies from some very nice ladies. 


As you can see, I take my princess title very seriously, wearing my tiara everywhere!  After the scrapbook store, we went to Hobby Lobby, a very large arts and crafts store, similar to Michael’s.  After I paid, I hung out near the front with Lois and some others while Lois practiced her store greeter role as if she worked there.  Pity the woman who walks by without acknowledging her!

We left in two separate cars, but get this. Although there were two keys for the house, I left 1 set inside the house when I left because “we’ll be coming back together.”  Unfortunately, we didn’t because whoever had the key went somewhere first, so we all had to wait outside until the keys arrived.  Luckily, the back of the house had shade, so we sat outside and took photos… what else?