Sabotaging Myself

It’s funny how I can unwittingly sabotage myself.  Saturday night, after my 4.4 mile walk, I wrote up a training plan on a calendar.  Sunday was going to be a 2 mile walk, followed by a 2 mile walk this evening.  However, on Sunday I was still in so much pain, there was no way I would be able to walk another 2 miles.  In hindsight, of course, I can tell myself that was a silly plan, but yesterday, I was beating myself down about it.  Then there’s today’s training.  This evening, I walked 2 miles on the treadmill at the hotel.  I finished in 31:49, which is quite good for me (I know it’s not for most other people).  Yet, I kept thinking there was something wrong with the treadmill, that even though it said it was going 3.7 miles per hour or jogging 4.3 miles per hour, that the belt was slow and therefore was slower that the reading!  <sigh>  Instead, I should celebrate staying on the plan and finishing at a faster time than I probably have ever done in the recent couple of years.  Also, I went to the gym close to midnight when most people wouldn’t bother!

Training notes for today:  the Achilles tendonitis paid dissipated at the 1.15 mile mark, and it didn’t hurt as much as it did on Saturday.  Perhaps the massage I got earlier helped.  Or maybe it was because I didn’t stretch first…  I stretched afterwards.

Tomorrow will be a more difficult day.  I’m concerned about the Hayes Street hill, so I will be putting the treadmill at either the maximum or 11%, whichever is less and see how fast I should expect to walk.  I’m going to walk 2 miles tomorrow but will incorporate .2 mile of the walk at the steep grade.  I’m hoping to build up to .6 mile to almost match the length of the Hayes Street hill.


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