Day 4 and Day 5

Is anyone really reading this blog anymore?  So what happened Day 4 and Day 5, you ask?  Well, it has been about 20 months later, so I can’t remember too much about Tuesday and Wednesday, but I’ll give it a try.  OnTuesday morning, I remember that the doorbell rang, and the Fedex guy came by because Barbi mailed something from home.  Annette answered the door since she and I were “relegated” to the foyer through no fault of ours, of course.  See Day One to find Annette under the table!  Before I got to take a photo of him, he disappeared!  Obviously, he’s been to “the house of crazy screamin’ women who takes photos of Fedex delivery people”!  He wasn’t fast enough for one of us though because I have a photo of him from someone else’s camera.  laughing 

I also worked out to Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred.  Let me tell you, the first time I did this video, my husband had to pause it so that I could get off the floor!  Anyway, I had started the video about a week before I went on this trip and was determined to exercise but finally got around to it on Day 4.  There is a TV in the basement, but the air is a little muggy, so even light exercise meant being sticky and a little uncomfortable.  Glad Ruth was able to join me.

Tuesday is the last full day of scrapbooking.  The funniest thing that happened other than Barb and Annette dancing to Single Ladies by Beyonce was this incident that happened between Annette, Cathy, and me… and Annette’s middle finger.  I’ve totally forgotten the story, but it was probably something like Cathy and I were trying to take a photo, and somehow Annette’s middle finger kept getting in the way.  Here’s what we got from that!

 Wednesday is more about getting our stuff ready, finishing up breakfast, and cleaning up the house.  Here’s how many pages I did:


Hopefully next year I will have more pages completed!  On Wednesday morning, Cathy snuck out early to catch her plane but left us a very nice good-bye letter.  Once we all got our act together and loaded the car, we had lunch at the Main Street Deli in McPherson before going our separate ways.  Barbi and I left together in one car as we’re the peas in a pod taking the same flight back to Denver before going our separate ways (LA for her, SF for me).  Before we got to the hotel, we made two more stops.  We got gas for the car while I got a 32 oz soda for 49 cents, and we visited another scrapbook store.  Finally, we boarded our flights to Denver and eventually returned home.

This was so fun… we’re doing it again next year!