Just Signed Up for Another Foot Race

I went ahead and did it.  I signed up for the Awesome 80’s 10k Run that’s being held in San Francisco on November 18th.  Anyone want to join me?!  I didn’t even bother asking how much time I have to finish because it said that walkers, runners, and strollers were welcomed.  I figure that I should be able to walk faster than at least 1 other person strollering out there.  laughing  Signing up for a race makes me obligated to train, and I really need to start (forget “continue”) my half marathon training.  The week following the Awesome 80’s 10k  is the Thanksgiving weekend, so it’ll be time for the Run Wild for a Child Turkey Trot… figure that’ll lead UP to some other big event… just haven’t figured out what it is yet because I’m having commitment issues.