Planning is More Fun Than Doing – Half Marathon Style

I can’t believe there isn’t a new blog here for the past six months.  The truth is that I’m working on finishing a very long one, but I’m not quite done yet.  I also read my last blog from January on dieting… I’m always trying to lose weight!  Anyway, it just proves that planning is more fun than actually doing the work.  So let’s go with that theme for this blog then.  I’m PLANNING to sign up for a half marathon, the Strip at Night Half Marathon, which is part of the Rock ‘n Roll series by Competitor magazine.  It’ll be held on November 17, 2013, and the best thing is that it takes place at night, so it’ll be dark and colder, perfect for a night owl who doesn’t like anything hotter than 65 degrees!  It starts at 4:30 p.m., and I’m allowed 4 hours to finish, of which I will need every single second!

In order to walk a half marathon, one must have a plan.  I have a plan.  I found a 16-week training plan online.  It’s an interactive training plan where you can input the date of the race, and it will come up a plan based on that date.  I manipulated it so that I can start this coming Monday, but this way it gives me two weeks extra.  With this plan, I only have to walk 3 times a week (I’m pretty sure it’s really a running plan, but I can barely walk, so literally baby steps for me!) starting at 3 miles on Day 1 of Week One.  On Day 3 of Week One, I walk 3.1 miles. Yup, that’s a 5K in three days!  Who needs the Couch to 5K plan?!  Just kidding!

I also need a plan to save money for this trip.  The entire trip will cost about $1,000:  $250 for airfare, $325 for hotel, $280 for food (because I’m allowing $40/day like Rachael Ray) and $145 for registration.  I have a special account already opened, but I haven’t added money in there for years.  It has $5.  I have 4 month to save $1000, which is $250/month, $59/week, or $8.25/day.  Every day that I bring lunch to work, I will transfer $10 into my ING account.  Every time I decide not to buy a frap or forgo some other unneeded item, I will put aside the money into the account as well.  I can do this!

I plan to blog about this.  My plan is to write once a week on Sunday nights and capture what, if anything, I actually did during the week!  Day 1 for all of this is Monday, July 15th.  Let’s see where this takes me!  Come along for the walk!

What am I missing?