Reprise: Things About Me

I posted this in late 2008, and it’s now 5 years later, and I haven’t changed much…

Favorite Color:

1. Purple

2. Blue

3. Black

Favorite Clothes:

1. long sleeve exercise wear that isn’t tight on me where you can see all my bulges (who makes this stuff?!) with a scoop or lower V-neck (so I can breathe)

2. cute socks

3.  Spandex but to the knees

Favorite Candy/Snack:

1. Haribo gummy bears (has to be Haribo and only bears!)

2. Almond Roca – has to be only almond

3. Nacho with cheese sauce

4.  Popcorn from movie theatre with butter in the middle and on top (exactly what I say when I order it)

Favorite Accessories:

1. Designer watches

2. Coach purses

Favorite Clothing Label:

1. Tahari

2. Classiques Entier (Nordstrom)

Favorite Store:

1. Kohl’s

2. Target

3. Nordstrom

Probably not in that order

Favorite Food:

1. Salmon sashimi (this would be my FAVORITE present ever!)

2. Prime rib (I’m getting this for Christmas already)

3. Pasta with cream sauce (Italian is my favorite ethnic food)

4. Cocktail shrimp

5. Frosted Flakes

6.  Starbucks Java Chips ice cream

Favorite Beverage:

1. Regular Coke

2. Frappuccino

3. Chocolate milkshake

Jobs’ I’ve Always Thought Might Be Fun:

1. published writer (newspaper or book)

2. personal trainer

3. travel agent

4. race car driver


1. scrapbooking (of course)

2. reading mysteries (James Patterson, Patricia Cornwell, Sue Grafton)

3. taking long hot baths

4. blogging

Favorite Restaurants:

1.  Gary Danko, of course

2.  Houlihan’s

3. Taco trucks/roach coaches – generically speaking

Favorite Fast Food:

1. Taco Bell

2. Jack in the Box

Favorite Music Genre:

1. R & B

2. Disco

Favorite Singer/Band:

1. Luther Vandross

2. Tina Turner

3. Lionel Richie

Favorite Book Genre:

1. Mysteries

2. Self Help

Favorite Splurge:

1. massage

2. long scrapbooking events

3. pedicure

Things I Most Want But Can’t Afford:

1. A world cruise – yeah, I’m waiting for someone to buy me this!

2. Spa resort vacation

Things I Want But Won’t Ever Buy For Myself:

According to my husband, everything!  Apparently from paper clips and cheese to restaurant meals.  If you’re buying me paper clips, I only use the smooth silver large ones.  Favorite cheese is sharp cheddar.    Oh, I always need reams of paper.  I don’t need any more scrapbook supplies.