Here’s to 2016

Almost every year, I have a list of new year’s resolutions, and without fail, every year by the second week, I’ve forgotten what they were let alone achieve any of them! A couple of things I’ve heard recently reminded me that while it’s great to live a spontaneous life, it also doesn’t hurt to have a plan. Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

Every year, I attend a three-day crop at the Santa Clara Scrapbook Convention run by Scrapbook Expo. While there, I visit the onsite massage therapist, a nice young lady who runs her own business and travels with the Scrapbook Expo. She told me that at the end of every year, she books a room in the Travelodge near her for several days and reviews her business and plans for the new year. I thought, “What a great idea!” About a month ago, one of my clients was describing the work that his employees do, and said something along the lines of “We track and measure everything all the time.”
Combining the two thoughts: planning ahead to set goals and tracking progress continuously, I decided that I was going to give this new year’s resolution another try. If it helps small and large businesses succeed, surely it should be good for me. I’m not going to bore you by listing my resolutions here, and some will get tweaked as time goes by, but suffice to say, one of them is blogging on a regular basis.
What are your goals for 2016?


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