Another Fresh Start!

I mentioned in a previous blog that one of my goals is to blog more consistently. Technically, it is twice a month, but January turned out to be a weird month.  From the last week of December and for about 2-3 weeks into January, I was sick, so I was in no mood to write, work my resolutions, or do anything, really.  I didn’t exercise for the first time until last Saturday!  My next half marathon is on Saturday, February 27th, so I am almost a month behind in training; I had barely started when I got sick.  However, I am on track, so I was able to do my long walks last weekend and this weekend.  I just won’t have enough weekends to do more long walks, and I won’t have time to taper.  My longest and last long walk will be 9 miles the week before my event.


Back to my New Year’s resolutions…here’s the thing.  January is for practice and tweaking.  February is when it’s for real.  And better yet, this year, February 1st is on a Monday, so it’s a perfect day to start or start over!


I will definitely try to blog twice a month.  This month, in the attempt to do better on my half marathon, I will work on losing some weight by logging in my food on, drinking 8 glasses of water daily, and continuing to exercise.  I also have to take my blood test, admittedly 1 year tardy, right before my half marathon, so hopefully, I will see positive results as well.


I’ll be back in a couple of weeks.  What are you working on improving in the next month?