Beginning of Lent

For the last five years or so, I’ve been halfheartedly observing Lent.  I’d give up something, usually caffeine, but by the end of the first week, I would have had my first cup of Coke, Coke Slurpee, or Frappuccino.  One of my nieces mentioned that one not only should give up something but consider doing something too… that was too much of a challenge for me!

This year, Lent starts on Wednesday, February 10th and goes until the Saturday before Easter, March 26th.  While looking online for Lent ideas, because I can’t come up with anything original, I came across a website,, that is part of the Vineyard Cincinnati church, yes in Ohio.  Generally, Lent is associated with Catholicism, so it was different to see a Lent related program run by a Protestant church.  The creator of The Lent Experience (TLE) is Pastor Eric Ferris, and more info can be found on the website above, including what Lent is about and why it’s observed.

You can sign up for the Lent Experience by providing your email address and optionally, your mobile phone number.  They will email you videos and reading materials along w/challenges every week starting on February 10th.  They will also text you if you give them your number. You are also encouraged to share on Instagram using #LentExp2016.  I don’t know what I’ll be giving up or what this program really is about; it sounds legit enough to me, but I’ve signed up, and I’ll give it a try.  In the end, I may give up something that’s not good for me anyway, learn something new, and hopefully improve myself.

Interested in joining me?